Types of Wallpaper


Vinyl wallpaper

Best known for its durability and easy cleaning. It will also hide wall flaws well due to its heaviness. It comes in wider roles, which means fewer trims and seams. This paper is great for bathrooms, kitchens and little kids playrooms.


Vinyl coated wallpaper

Has a protective coat of vinyl that gives it the same quality of easy cleaning and durability as vinyl.  Vinyl coated wallpaper is preferred over vinyl wallpaper because it’s strippable, making it easier to remove.


Flocked wallaper

As remembered in the 70’s with its colourful paisley velvet patterns is made using powdered wool or cloth. It has a raised, velvety texture which can be a difficult paper to hang as any paste touching the surface will ruin the pile. It looks fantastic especially in a dining room.


Foil wallpaper

Has a metal plastic film on the paper backing. It is a washable wallpaper which can be wiped clean. However, it is a fine wallpaper which is unsuitable for poor wall surfaces as the uneven areas will show through. To overcome this, a lining paper may be used underneath. This wallpaper is great for darker areas or rooms as the shiny surface helps to reflect the light.


Embossed wallpaper or Anaglypta

An ideal covering for a poor wall surface as it disguises the lumps and bumps. It is a white, thicker paper with an embossed pattern. Once hung it is then painted over in your choice of colour. Perfect for old lumpy walls or it can also be used to simulate ceilings from the Victorian era.


Grass cloth and burlap wall coverings

Made from environmentally friendly natural products. These natural fiber wall coverings include grass cloth, bamboo, cane, raffia, paper weave, burlap and jute. They look fantastic and can give your home or office a distinctive look.

Non woven wallpapers

Made from natural and synthetic fibers. They are tear-resistant during both installation and removal. Removing this wallpaper is a breeze, it comes down in sheets meaning you can roll the sheets and take them with you if you move. This wallpaper comes in a variety of colours and patterns and they are also eco-friendly and breathable, so they are a great choice for any room or feature wall.